Solar Canopy

ETL 5005734

Conventional solar carports require concrete foundations that result in a lot of complications such as excavating, digging and loss of parking spots. Our innovative solar canopy eliminates obstacles by keeping existing parking infrastructure intact. Ground screws are drilled to anchor the structure to the ground which significantly shortens the time and effort required to install the structure.


The versatility of ground screws allows installation in all soil conditions. Not only is the structure easy to install but it is also durable and beautiful. Designed to withstand wind loads up to 150 mph, Ecohive’s solar canopies can effortlessly survive a Category 3 hurricane and can be installed in any location.

Not only can our solar canopies be used to offset your energy consumption, they can also be integrated with electric vehicle charging applications and are also capable of operating completely off-the grid when combined with our powerful lithium-ion batteries for remote areas where a grid connection is not possible.


Book a tour today to visit one of our solar canopies located at York University’s North York campus. This project began in collaboration with Canada’s third largest university as an initiative to eliminate range anxiety proving electric vehicle infrastructure can be installed anywhere. The York solar-powered charging station operates completely off-the gird and has catalyzed renewable energy solutions at the University. This solar solution integrates renewable energy and transportation to address climate change while creating new research and educational opportunities. You can request to book a tour at tours@ecohive.ca in order to learn more about this project.

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