Commercial Solar

Businesses and organizations can strategically implement solar photovoltaic infrastructure at their facility through the Net Metering program. The Net Metering program allows businesses to generate their own power primarily for self-consumption.

How it Works

Net Metering 

Electricity generated from solar is primarily used to power the load demands of your business.


If there is a surplus of solar that is not consumed, it is sent directly to the grid and a credit is awarded. This credit can then be used to purchase power when there isn’t sufficient solar power generation to meet your load demand/consumption.

Excess generation credits can be carried forward for up to 12 months to offset future electricity costs.

How to apply

To review your eligibility for the net metering program, book a complimentary consultation by reaching out to info@ecohive.ca. A qualified electrical contractor will be in touch shortly to set up a time to review the system sizing, costs, tax incentives, documentation and process, and will advise you on the most cost-effective integration of solar at your business or organization.


Battery Integration

The battery bank supplement allows business owners to control their energy consumption by shifting loads to avoid peak demand charges as well as having the option of back-up power in the case of power outages.


Backup Power

  • In the chance of a power outage, energy stored in a battery backed system can be used to power your business through the outage.
  • Combined with solar panels, your business has the potential to operate fully off the grid regardless of a power outage.

Peak Shaving/Load Leveling

  • Electrical energy can be stored from the grid during off-peak hours at a lower cost.
  • Stored energy can be used to power loads during peak hours to avoid paying higher rates.
  • The desktop or mobile user interface enables you to track, monitor and customize your energy consumption.

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