Net Zero Homes

Ecohive’s Net Zero systems provide a smart cost-saving strategy for home and cottage owners to hedge against rising hydro rates whilst increasing their energy independence by generating their own clean power for self-consumption.

How it Works

Net Zero

A Net Zero home is a home with zero net energy consumption. The total amount of energy used by the home in a year is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy generated on the site. Net Zero energy systems can easily by applied to new builds as well as existing homes and cottages.


On less sunny days, when your solar panels generate less electricity than is used, the power is automatically supplied from the utility grid.

On sunny days, when your solar system generates more power than is being used, the extra electricity is supplied to the utility grid in exchange for a credit. Excess generation credits can be carried forward for up to 12 months to offset future electricity costs.

Electricity generated from the solar PV panels is used to power appliances in your home at time-of-use. If excess power is generated, electricity is delivered to the grid in exchange for credits. Credits can then be used to purchase power back when there is no solar generation such as at night or during particular days in winter. Net Zero homes are usually grid integrated to ensure reliable and continuous supply of power even during snow or cloud coverage.

Almost all components are locally made and come with a 25-year warranty. The 40+ year lifespan of your solar PV system forecasts decades of energy independence as well as making your home more desirable for prospective buyers. Get in touch with an Ecohive solar PV expert in order to find out if your home qualifies (info@ecohive.ca).


Off Grid

For areas where a grid connection is not possible, our battery-bank supplement provides the comfort of reliable power for off-the-grid living.

  1. Electrical energy is generated from the solar panels through the photovoltaic effect.
  2. The battery bank stores the electrical energy generated from the panels.
  3. Invertor converts the stored electrical energy to power loads when needed.
  4. The solar monitor system allows you to track and customize your energy consumption and system performance. This can be controlled at the tip of your fingertips through the Schneider mobile application.

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