Residential Off-Grid

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If you’re tired of your noisy diesel generator, our off grid cottage packages allow you to generate your own electricity for net-zero living with our reliable battery-backed solar systems.


How it Works

  1. Electrical energy is generated from the solar panels through the photovoltaic effect.
  2. The battery bank stores the electrical energy generated from the panels.
  3. Invertor converts the stored electrical energy to power loads when needed.
  4. The solar monitor system allows you to track and customize your energy consumption and system performance. This can be controlled at the tip of your fingertips through the Schneider mobile application.

Off Grid Packages

All packages include installation and training.
*Wattage level on panels may differ based on solar access.
**Excludes HST/Tax, shipping, electrical and interconnection fee. Price subject to change based on credit score.
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